our difference


Our Difference

Jupiter Industries is committed to providing consumers with the safest, healthiest innovations in products for their infants and bring the trusted Simmons brand to your home.

Many questionable chemicals are use in the production of plastic film commonly referred to as PVC’s. PVC’s contain chemicals such as Phthalates. Plastic film is the covering that is used for the majority of crib mattresses made in North America. Jupiter was the first manufacturer to introduce a vinyl free mattress 15 years ago which was long before toxic chemicals became a widespread concern to parents who were looking for safer natural and organic materials. Our mattress selections are made in knitted fabrics that help maintain a healthy temperature for Baby in Organic, Natural and Thermo Regulating covers. Many experts now believe that overheating can be the #1 cause of SIDS.

Jupiter was the very first mattress company to take a step towards a healthy nursery by making mattresses free of Polyurethane Foam and Vinyl, due to the off gassing, flammability and potentially harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C's) – found in the components.

All our mattresses provide the firm support now recommended by pediatricians. Whether you choose one of our mattresses with a coil innerspring or our new Eco Dura Bond Breath Easy core you will be sure to get the best in firmness and comfort. With our 2 sided dual comfort (firmer for infants, added comfort for toddlers) found in all our mattresses your baby can sleep comfortably and safely from their crib to toddler bed.